What Causes Cellulite And What Is Cellulitis Treatment?

Cellulitis treatment is nowadays available in many day spas and resorts. Most women have cellulite, so I made this post in an effort to help understand, fight and reduce cellulite.

What causes cellulite?

Cellulite is simply fat formed into dimples or pockets that give cellulitis its characteristic orange peel appearance. Doctors say that “as the fat cells accumulate, they push up against the skin, while the long, tough cords are pulling down, creating an uneven surface or dimpling.” The exact cause of cellulites is not known, yet it is widely accepted that cellulitis is a natural occurrence and not a medical disorder.

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Some spas also sell cellulite reducing creams and other products that are designed to help you fight cellulite at home.

Cellulitis Treatment

Getting rid of cellulite can be easy by natural cures and remedies. These are ‘unproven’ methods in a strict clinical sense, but they work.
Several spa treatments have been shown to reduce cellulite. Seaweed wraps, certain body scrubs, infrared sauna sessions, and vigorous massage, often with special oils or lotions can make your thighs look better than ever before. Massage breaks up cellulite deposits and helps the body redistribute the fat cells in a more appealing manor. Often the massage is performed with a cellulite fighting essential oil containing a mixture that includes black pepper among other ingredients. Seaweed wraps have also have been shown to stimulate reactions in the body that breakdown cellulite.

Some spas also sell cellulite reducing creams and other products that are designed to help you fight cellulite at home.

Infrared sauna sessions are also among the methods used by spas and these have also been shown to reduce the appearance of cellulitis. When a body wrap is combined with a massage, and an infrared sauna session, the cellulite fighting effects can be more pronounced.

Where to get cellulitis treatment?

Our recommendationsare Mexico spa treatments, a great spa center in Cancun (Cancun nightlife, Cancun weather, Cancun beach can also be the ideal setting for Cancun Spring Break). Costa Rica also has a great wellness center where you can opt for more cosmetic procedures.

All these treatments can help in your fight to get rid of cellulite. By combining cellulitis treatments in a wellness center, spa center or retreat with proper cellulite diet and cellulite exercise, along with at home application of cellulite lotions, you can take control of your body and see improvements.

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