2009 World Medical Tourism and Global Health Congress

This year, after a brief interruption of the World Medical Tourism in Global Health Congress in Monterrey, Mexico, canceled because of concerns regarding in the outbreak of swine flu, the second annual World Medical Tourism and Global Health Congress will meet in Los Angeles, California in late October 2009.

The World Medical Tourism and Global Health Congress is a gathering of individuals in the healthcare field and health and wellness tourism industry hosted by the Medical Tourism Association. The second annual conference has plenty on their agenda, including defining and addressing the needs of international patients, marketing and promotion of foreign medical destinations to domestic and international insurance companies, enhancing hospital and clinic contracts, and ensuring the implementation of medical tourism options into United States-based health insurance plans, among many others.

Focus of the 2009 World Medical Tourism and Global Health Congress offers reliable and up-to-date information regarding the effectiveness and quality of healthcare in international destinations as well as the availability of such care for international consumer and ex-pat patients. Offering solutions, destinations and hospitals for consumers as well as providing guidelines regarding patient perspective, accreditation, and quality issues will be discussed at this gathering of participants in the health care and health and wellness industry from around the world, including representatives attending from Latin American destinations such as Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica and Brazil, to growing medical tourism destinations in Europe including the Ukraine, Poland, Croatia and Turkey as well as familiar healthcare providers in Asia in locations such as Singapore, Thailand and India.

Procedures and methodologies in orthopedic, cardiac, obesity and cancer treatments are offered by international providers for a fraction of the cost of the same procedures in the U.S., Great Britain and Canada.


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