Bariatric Surgery Abroad in Guatemala

Individuals looking for affordable bariatric surgeries and obesity or weight loss procedures will be happy to know that help is closer than you think. Because of rising health care costs in the United States as well as the fact that most United States health insurance providers do not provide coverage for obesity treatments, finding an affordable and reputable surgeon to perform bariatric surgeries can be an intimidating endeavor.

However, Dr. Rodrigo Gonzalez Toledo of Angels Abroad, located in Guatemala City, Guatemala, is a United States board-certified bariatric surgeon and is also a U.S. board-certified multidisciplinary bariatric team member.

Dr. Toledo and his facility at Angels Abroad offers gastric bypass surgery, laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery, sleeve gastrectomy surgery and adjustable gastric banding or lap band procedures. Weight loss surgery in Guatemala offers travelers from around the world high-tech and state-of-the-art equipment, methods and care to treat a multitude of weight loss needs. Dr. Toledo, a dedicated surgeon, is also dedicated to providing adequate access and information for patients and provides free of charge call conferences and e-mails. Dr. Toledo and Angels Abroad utilize modern equipment and technologies at the Las American Hospital in one of the most beautiful locations in South America.

Guatemala is growing as a world-renowned destination for bariatric weight-loss surgical procedures and is a favorite vacation destination, filled with Mayan and colonial artifacts and landmarks, beautiful rain forests, and the best in accommodations and dining Guatemala has to offer.

Whether you need laparoscopic surgery, a mini gastric bypass, a gastric sleeve, a duodenal switch, or lap band surgical procedure, Dr. Toledo can meet your needs, provide excellent care and affordable solutions for most weight-loss programs and issues.

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