Canadian Medical Tourism – A Canada Day Special

Canadian Medical Tourism – A Canada Day Special

Today being Canada Day, it is a great opportunity to take a look at the health travel reasons that Canadians have, reasons that differ not so much from their neighbors’ – the US. As different as they are, the healthcare systems in the USA and Canada both need to work on transparency issues.

Medical tourism is on many Canadians’ minds and they are taking action.

For the past decade or more, the transparency issues have been hard to tackle in both countries. Canada is also working toward this end.

Recently, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) issued a request to all of the health institutions as to get all the public data on how taxpayer money are spent so that people will be able to hold Parliament, the government and public sector officials accountable. Reports, prices, contracts, expenses, it will all be public, hopefully.

Why did the Canadian taxpayers join the medical tourism market?

When it comes to chronic disease treatments, more Canadians are eager to try the stem cell therapy, a subject that has been a controversy subject for some time now.

Businessmen and regular citizens, both are going for stem cell treatments abroad through medical tourism facilitators, such as PlacidWay.

Panama PlacidWay Medical Tourism Stem CellAccording to the testimonials from Canadian medical tourism patients, apart from the price, the results were often excellent, and the figures were hard to argue, said the health specialists.

However, they had still warned the Canadian patients as to keep their eyes open and do their research, as not all the stem cell facilities give the results they hope for.

The most popular medical travel destinations for stem cell therapy are Mexico, Panama, Colombia – mainly South American countries, but Europe and India are popular too.

In this area, all we can do is provide transparency – prices, credentials and expertise (all the information for medical tourists) – factors that all the upcoming patients want to know about stem cell therapy centers before making their informed choice.

Furthermore, transparency is not a problem in this sector, and PlacidWay Medical Tourism is striving to push for this change in the public healthcare systems all over the globe, as well.

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