Dental Implants Helped Paul Regain His Self-Confidence

Dental Implants Helped Paul Regain His Self-Confidence

I think that all of us are frightened by dentists and this fear increases even more when you are waiting in the dental clinic and see on the walls all those gruesome pictures with dental implants, root canals, advanced stage of Periodontal disease, tooth removal and many other painful dental procedures, which all make you forget that you are there to fix your teeth.

I’m writing about dental procedures because recently a friend of mine had to go though a painful, but at the same time rather fortunate experience. His name is Paul, he is 22 years old and lives in Canada. We have been best friends since ever. Since childhood he had had problems with his teeth, such as cavities which caused him a lot of pain, and he was always ashamed to smile because his teeth were yellowish and not straight.

Why Paul Chose Dental Tourism in Mexico

One day when we met I saw that 4 of his upper jaw teeth were missing. He told me that he got punched by a man who tried to steal his girlfriend’s purse. Well, so it is true that love hurts. Anyway, he got the purse back, the thief ran away and he was left without some of his teeth. With no job, no insurance, no way to pay the raking prices for dental care in Canada, Paul thought that he would stay like this forever.

Dental Implants for Bright SmileSeveral days after this incident I was watching the news: “Thousands of people from the US and Canada cross the border to get cheap dental care” said the report. What? Mexico? Dental Tourism?

I immediately called Paul and started searching the internet to see what this was about. We could not believe what we found, it was as if we had hit the jackpot: prices with 70% off compared with those in Canada, state-of-the-art equipment, experienced dentists and affordable packages for all kinds of dental procedures.

Choosing the Right Dental Clinic

He chose several clinics, made some calls, borrowed money from his mother and after an 8-hour flight he was in Mexico. Dentists there told him he needed four dental implants and offered him a package at the price of $3,000 which included 4 upper implants, porcelain crowns, laser bleaching, 3D X-rays and complete clinical examination. He had to make 2 trips to Mexico and when he returned the second time he had a movie star smile, the perfect smile he had always dreamed of.

Thanks to dental tourism and the dental clinics which offer affordable dental treatment packages, Paul has regained the lost self-confidence and won my envy (just kidding). That why I said that Paul’s experience was painful, but rather fortunate.

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