Bariatric Obesity Surgery Abroad – You Have Options

Obesity is technically defined as someone who weighs roughly about 50 pounds or more than a healthy weight range based on height. Nearly one in three Americans are overweight, leading to a drastic increase in medical conditions related to obesity – diabetes, joint pain, hypertension, breathing difficulties and limited mobility.

High quality medical care is available to Americans in such destinations as Mexico, Argentina, India and Singapore. The Joint Commission International, ensuring quality and excellence in education, training and procedures offered around the world accredits medical facilities in foreign countries.

 Receiving procedures like gastric bypass, gastroplasty, lap banding or stomach stapling in foreign countries take advantage of high quality, low cost yet quality standard medical procedures. The Antiobesity Center in Cancun, Mexico is an accredited and competitive medical facility that offers a blend of classic luxury and 21st-century state-of-the-art medical equipment and medical training.

The Sanoviv Medical Institute in Rosarito, Mexico offers patients affordable medical care with advanced technology, high-tech facilities and compassionate and understanding staff to patients seeking a variety of bariatric surgeries.  The 365mc’s Obesity Clinic and Bariatric Surgery Center in Seoul, South Korea offers that countries number one rated obesity clinic for the best in weight-loss surgical procedures, high quality care and customer oriented medical services.

Bariatric or obesity surgeries in the U.S. can cost between $17,000 and $30,000. Those traveling to global destinations may enjoy savings of tens of thousands of dollars in such locations as Mexico, South America and India. Accredited, state-of-the-art equipment and technology are making global obesity surgeries popular, common, and affordable in the 21st century.

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