Health and Wellness in Panama

In recent years, medical tourism in Panama has grown nearly 20% every year as consumers seek quality yet affordable health care outside domestic borders. Panama City, Panama’s capital, is one of Central America’s most technologically advanced, modern and cosmopolitan cities in Latin America and offers amenities, accommodations, dining and entertainment options for travelers of all ages and interests.

Health and medical tourism in Panama in facilities and healthcare providers and clinics like Ageless Wonders Panama offer world-class and high-tech medical treatments in a multitude of fields including but not limited to cosmetic and plastic surgery, vision care, dental services, and dermatological services.

Medical treatment in Panama, affordable surgery in Panama City and doctors and surgeons in Panama City, one of the largest in the country, offer superlative and highly experienced treatments, procedures and surgeries. Health tourism in Central and South American destinations continues to rise as people seek effective quality care at affordable prices.

Panama is considered one of the most favorite medical tourist destinations in Latin America, where North American consumers can save at least 50% or more on the cost of equal medical care and procedures in the United States.

Healthcare providers in Panama, including physicians and surgeons, are often trained in the United States and utilize the same techniques and procedures and medications as those found in the United States. In addition to the tropical attraction of Panama for medical tourists, visitors may benefit from the fact that the majority of medical providers in Panama are bilingual, board-certified, and utilize the same technology and equipment found throughout the United States and Europe.

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