Weight loss benefits:Lower risk of breast cancer!

I am talking about those persistent fat deposits on your belly. I offer you the one significant benefit of weight loss: considerably lower risk of uterus and breast cancer!

Do you still need a reason to lose weight? See the weight loss benefits!

The estrogen secretion in a woman’s body is physiological, involved in the activity of breast and endometrium (the lining of the uterus lining). But the breast and uterus are designed for normal amounts of estrogen and not for the surplus quantity artificially created by fat deposits. Let’s go into the details of weight loss benefits!

weight loss benefits

Weight loss benefits

The endometrial estrogen secretion is important for the lining to prepare itself every month for a possible task. The ovaries secrete estrogen and progesterone just for a possible pregnancy.

The high estrogen level causes the endometrium to act erratically and thus the cells multiply fast. At first, endometrial hyperplasia installs. This is light at first, then cystic then adenomatous and last comes the endometrial cancer.

Fat acts as an endocrine organ, which is not designed for, and this secretes much more estrogen than our body is used to, with negative effects on the endometrium and breast.

The good news is that women who want weight loss benefits have to escape fat deposits and reduce the amount of estrogen hormones secreted. So if you are among women with a generous layer of belly fat in particular, have  at a transvaginal ultrasound and a breast ultrasound each 6 months to know for sure that you are healthy.

Try getting weight loss benefits by reducing body fat but not by fancy diets with vegetables or meat intake only. These will make you lose weight quick, yet at the end of your diet, you will automatically regain your chubby self at the expense of muscle mass, so the risk is even greater.

Professional advice is available to help you lose weight up to 4 kg per month. Eat less to get the weight loss benefits, 5 times a day and just mix with vegetables (excluding potatoes) meat, cheese and eggs. Eat whole grains and cold-pressed oil, eliminate sugar, white flour and drink plenty of water. Remember the weight loss benefits and increase your chances for long-term health!

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  • Posted: January 26, 2013 09:04


    What I firstly like is what I see in the mirror, only then the health conscience comes...I'm happy I can look good in the mirror and not worry about the breast cancer
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    Your post is a timely cotrbinution to the debate

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