Effects of Alcohol: Bedtime Drink Benefits vs Damage

Alcohol before bedtime helps you fall asleep faster, but the effects of alcohol appear in sleep quality

British scientists have returned to the dilemma related to alcohol before bedtime and the effects of alcohol on sleep quality, usually stating that it generally affects the quality of sleep.

Extrapolating, alcohol does not only disrupt normal sleep cycle in these conditions, but it also induces insomnia, said sleep specialists from London Sleep Center.

bedtime drink, Effects of Alcohol

“One or two glasses of alcohol before bedtime could give you a state of wellbeing on a short term. However, when consumed consistently before bedtime, the effects of alcohol can translate into significant sleep problems.”

So if you drink in the evening, it’s better to stay up for another hour or two, so that some of the alcohol is eliminated from the body, thus reducing the effects of alcohol on the body,” said Dr. Irshaad Ebrahim, co-author of Clinical & Experimental Research, and the medical Director at the London Sleep Center.

An interesting fact related to the doctors research on the effects of alcohol before bedtime, was that those consumers are more likely to snore at night.

“Alcohol can suppress breathing, so those who did not snore before can quickly turn into people who snore and those who used to snore before consuming alcohol can consistently get to deal with sleep apnea” added Dr. Irshaad Ebrahim.

Although I am no supporter of the full cup of alcohol, the effects of alcohol can be good for the body. More and more research reveals the benefits of alcohol for our health if one drinks beer or some red wine. Tomorrow I will explain what the trials in the last few months have revealed regarding the effects of alcohol.

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