What is sleep: 10 interesting facts

Sleep is a physical state of total rest that restores the whole body to be able to resume daily activity. Though essential for any human being, scientists haven’t been able to fully understand sleep. Yet we have the information to help us figure out what actually happens when we close our eyes for the night.

What is sleep: Interesting Facts

  1. 1. Depending on our age, each of us need some sleep hours. Thus, new-born sleep around 16 hours a day, children ages 3-12 years sleep for about 10 hours, teenagers 13-18 sleep for 9 hours, after turning 19, we sleep for around 8 hours and after 65, we consider we had enough sleep after just 6 hours.
  2. 2. What is sleep process about? Our body releases important hormones for the cells and brain to regenerate and for the whole organism to be able to eliminate toxins accumulated throughout one day.

    Interesting facts about sleep

    Life in balance

  3. 3. There are no sci-fi dreams. We only dream about people and places we have seen, even if we do not remember these when we are awake. “Premonitions” are issues scientists would rather not discuss.
  4. 4. Parasomnia is the mass representation of disturbances during sleep. Although normal in childhood, parasomnia is pathological if it persists in adult life, leading to nervousness and sudden moves generated by nightmares, sleep walking.
  5. 5.  12 percent of the world’s population has black and white dreams only. Apparently, the percentage was larger before the color TV era!
  6. 6.  Dreams are normal. People that never dream have personality disorders.
  7. 7. What is sleep position? This tells us something about our personality. The fetal position, (sideways, knees together) is the favorite of 41%. The soldier position (on the back) adopted by 8% of us, is mostly women’s position, because of their obsession with beauty even when asleep. While sleep can facilitate the appearance of wrinkles, sleeping face up can stretch the complexion.
  8. 8. Did you know that 25% among married couples sleep separately? Older persons will leave their partner to sleep alone if he/she snores.
  9. 9. Sleeping is more important than eating. Death by lack of food comes in 2 weeks, while sleep deprivation can kill you in ten days.
  10. 10. Do you remember your dream? 5 minutes after waking up, half your dream would be gone and in 10 minutes, you would remember only 10 percent.

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