Where are the Baby Boomers Going for Health Care?

Medical tourism is growing increasingly popular with adults and seniors today. This field of health and wellness tourism has exploded because of rising medical care costs for dental care, vision care, laboratory tests, medical treatments and procedures for a multitude of conditions such as COPD, diabetes, heart care and other issues that commonly afflict today’s baby boomer generation. Finding and affording such medical care is becoming increasingly difficult for seniors today, due in part because of the faltering economy, but most commonly because pensions, Social Security and retirement funds are unable to keep up with healthcare costs.


To date, India is one of the most popular destinations for medical tourists because of their wide range of high quality yet low-cost procedures. Highly trained physicians and many hospitals within India such as the Artemis Health Institute offer services such as cancer treatment, bariatric procedures, orthopedic knee surgery, obesity and weight loss care and ophthalmology specialists that may be bundled into package deals.


Singapore enjoys high-quality hospitals accredited by the JCI, such as the National Heart Center that offers cardiac care in angiography, heart valve surgery and other thoracic care. Thailand rivals India in quality and pricing structures and has long been known as the ultimate destination for world-class private healthcare facilities and highly trained surgical staff.


Facilities in Latin American countries are well known for being able to provide high quality dental work, and prices there are one third to one half lower than those found in the United States. Northern Europe, as well as Western European countries such as Hungary, Germany, and Poland. Today’s baby boomers want excellent and affordable health care. They’re crossing borders to meet their needs.



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