Boomers Leading the Way Toward Global Medical Tourism

A large percent of baby boomers (those between the ages of 45-65) are currently uninsured. Many who belong to this age group have lost their jobs due to aging, unemployment or downsizing and are no longer covered by affordable health care or insurance.


Traveling beyond local borders offers this group, more than any other demographic, the opportunity to pursue and receive premium healthcare, alternative treatments and travel, all at the same time. Boomers are leading the way to more affordable healthcare, seeking medical care overseas to address such needs as knee and hip replacement surgeries, cardiac care, and alternative treatments for chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, orthopedic procedures, and dental care.


American boomers needing dental care and prescriptions often travel south of the border into Mexico or even as far as Brazil, Argentina, and Costa Rica for their needs. Dental procedures as well as medications in Latin American countries is less than half of what comparable procedures and medications cost in the United States. Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia are popular destinations for those needing hip or knee replacement surgeries. Europeans are making trips to Hungry and Poland for dental and cosmetic procedures at great savings, even after including the cost of travel and hotel or clinic accommodations.


Hospitals in South America or Asia generally cost one half of the price charged in the United States and Europe. For example, cardiac and orthopedic surgeries performed in India can save health travelers nearly $20,000 or more with one surgical procedure.


The health and wellness industry is booming, and today’s older adults and boomers are leading the way to a new revolution in affordable health care known as medical tourism.

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