Eating Habits That Shape Us

Eating habits do shape us and from an early age too.

It is impossible for me to stay away from the obesity issue, because it is literally “in your face”. Bad eating habits made almost half of the population of the globe to have weight problems, either obese or in the worst-case scenarios morbidly obese.

I cannot do much but speak from my own experience and see how I was raised in a manner I did not think much of when I was growing up. In a recent blog post I told you all, my father died of cancer several years ago and I have much to thank him for. My eating habits for example.

Growing up with Healthy Eating Habits

Weight Loss Plan PlacidWay PlacidBlogMy family had a small paycheck and living in Eastern Europe was not easy in the 90’s,(It’s not so easy now either) yet they managed to provide us the best of what was available.

I remember eating carrots bought from the local market, dirty, odd-shaped, just because my father ate them as well and said it was great for the eyes. Later we got the chance to buy grapefruits and bananas. The bananas were mostly green and we used to hang them on the curtain holder until they turned yellowish, and we ate them as soon as they were “ripe”.

With the grapefruit was the funniest story. Pink or yellow grapefruit does not taste that good for a kid, and I remember making a “sour face” any time he would buy the weird fruits. It was wintertime and he made juice, saying: “If you drink it often, you will never get the flu” and I did, and suddenly the sour juice tasted better. I still drink grapefruit juice made by my own hand and always remember him.

To this day I don’t have weight problems. I get a bit chubby from time to time or too thin, if I get stressed, but I am overall in good health.
When I got the chance to look at the WHO statistics on obesity I could not believe there were so many people in the world that just did nothing to fix the source of problem. Bariatric surgery is a last resort procedure and so many do it to save their lives! Why not act now?

Eat more fruits and vegetables and improve your lifestyle step by step to create a healthier, longer life for yourself, for your children!
Alexandra Brad

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