The Most Common Health Problems in Children

The most common health problems in children and pupils all over the world are obesity, eye and spinal afflictions, and cavities. Most problems in children in kindergarten and pupils are detected in the eye (refraction issues), followed by deformities of the spine, obesity and tooth decay.

If today’s students could understand that they must have a healthy diet, the adult obesity, which increased greatly, could diminish. It is harder to starve an adult than to educate a child to have a healthy eating behavior, according to specialists.

Eye Problems

children health problems Placid WaySchool doctors register hundreds of cases of chronic diseases among students, most of which are numerous eye problems such as refractive, developed deformations of the spine, obesity, asthma and asthmatic bronchitis, other visual disturbances, speech disorders, and chronic diseases of tonsils and adenoids.

Ophthalmologists say that when talking about sight problems in children, most common among kindergarten children and preschool, parents should be informed that every child must first control his eyes at the age of three. The only way these disease can be caught early and treated. Unfortunately, statistics show that the number of these chronic diseases is very high. This is because GPs do not send the children to a specialist in time or because parents think the problem might resolve itself.

Spine deformities and Obesity

In the first case, these deformities may result from rickets. A seaside trip for children, for at least two weeks, is recommended to fix calcium in the body with vitamin D2 from sunlight. These deformations can also occur due to the heavy backpack, an incorrect position in the bench, but mostly due to lack of exercise. It is almost the same with obesity. Kids eat unhealthy food, sweets, spend too much time in front of the computer or television and do not exercise.

The most important thing is that when you see signs of health problems in children, always consult a doctor It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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