Being Overweight vs. Being Obese

We live in an industrialized world, where the beautiful body is a thin one. Still, “being a bit overweight” quickly turns into “being obese” and the scary thought of turning into “morbidly obese” is not on many overweight people’s mind as a life-threatening issue. We act when it is already too late. Why?

First, we must ask:

Why is “being overweight” turning so fast into “being obese”?

 Being overweight vs Being obese PlacidWay PlacidBlogNowadays, we live our lives in a temptation world: The fast-food industry has turned regular menus into XXL menus, full of carbohydrates and high-fat ingredients to provide that great taste we can opt for when we have no time to cook for ourselves.

All the latest technology has given us better cars, scooters, motorbikes, so we don’t get as much exercise as we should. Being obese has not hurt the soda industry at all, as it provides coke and other soft drinks that we use to quench our thirst (many of us replaced plain water with soda because it just tasted better). Being obese has a lot to do with these factors that make us gain weight.

Because our body is built to store fat, it is only natural that we gain weight when we live like this. More concerning is the fact that we pass on these genes to next generation – figures show child obesity is on the rise.

Why do we procrastinate acting on weight loss?

A healthy diet is a lifesaver in most cases. Yet most men and women delay adopting healthier eating habits because we are lazy. We got used to our comfortable life, everything given to us: shop, internet, etc. and when the doctor says: “You are 650 lbs and you have months to live!” Then it dawns that you could have done something about it, but didn’t.

Most opt immediately for bariatric surgery, gastric sleeve and such procedures that are radical but save lives. Do we really have to let it go to that extent?

If you are a bit chubby, I wrote this post for you!

Now is the time to retrace your steps:  how did you end up being obese? Where did the extra weight come from? Your doctor can help you. Obesity has become the 21st century treatable disease.

Can you see the signs already? Contact us to see the many treatment options the world has to offer.

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Alexandra Brad

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