Turkey Offers High-Tech Medical Care

Robotic surgery is becoming almost commonplace in many high-quality medical centers and hospitals around the world. Whether it’s LASIK technology or daVinci robotic surgery technology and equipment, surgery is safer, more precise and increasingly minimally invasive.

Stop Cancer with Advanced Cancer TreatmentTechnologies such as robotic surgery is used in the treatment for urology, cardiology, general surgery and endocrine surgical procedures, among others. One of the locations for such surgery, at affordable prices, is Turkey. Many Turkish physicians and surgeons offer high class care and expertise to natives and international travelers. Medical travelers venturing to the region will find that Turkey is not only a land of history and culture, but of the most modern medical technologies and procedures in the world. In Turkey, you’ll find hospitals like the Florence Nightingale Hospital in  Istanbul. Turkish doctors in Istanbul and Istanbul hospital staff are highly trained and experienced in new technology, including da Vinci robotic surgery, performed at the Memorial Hizmet Hospital.

Traveling to Turkey offer international medical patients savings of as much as 50% to 75% on costs for the same surgeries and procedures in the U.S. Numerous surgeons in Turkey have become famous for their medical treatments in cosmetic and plastic surgery, LASIK eye surgeries. Cost of treatment in Istanbul offer some of the lowest in middle Europe.

While you’re in Turkey for your medical care, don’t forget to do some sightseeing. Locations such as Ankara offer close access to the Mediterranean Sea and numerous vacation spots and places to visit and enjoy. For more information about medical tourism in Turkey, visit, your one-stop international medical provider and resource.

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