New Medical Technologies Continue to Amaze

New medical technologies continue to develop as the year 2011 runs to a close. From analyzing someone’s breath to diagnose multiple sclerosis to developments in nanotechnology, medical doctors, scientists and researchers have been busy. New tools have been developed to help reduce errors in diabetic care. This ‘computer dashboard’ allow doctors to instantly access their patient’s vital signs, medications, lab test results and current health condition.

Alternative Medicine WorldwideResearchers have found that alternative therapies such as yoga may help counteract the symptoms of fibromyalgia and that acupuncture can affect how the brain regulates pain signals. Yoga has also been studied as a drug-free therapy for back pain. Pain caused by fibromyalgia has been directly linked to a change in certain molecules in the brain.

Researchers have also determined how and why cancer therapies like chemotherapy cause a drop in a patient’s platelet count, and that certain gene defects can increase a person’s risk of eventually developing leukemia.

Exciting developments in bioengineering have resulted in the creation of bioengineered spinal disc implants to help treat chronic neck and back pain.

Facilities in the U.S. and abroad continually offer new therapies and treatments for hundreds of medical conditions, including vision or hearing loss, cancer therapies, spine conditions and neurodegenerative conditions such as fibromyalgia. Every day brings exciting new discoveries in dozens of medical fields, offering patients around the world hope and improved quality of life.

From genetic cell modification to stem cell research and anti-cancer agents, medical technology, clinical trials, studies and research continue in the hopes of easing pain, increasing mobility and improving quality of life for all.

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