Stem Cell Technology – Definitely Not a Scam

So many people still think stem cell technology is a scam. They couldn’t be more mistaken. For many, the thought of traveling outside the U.S. for stem cell treatments is risky. However, people should know that many of the stem cell technologies, therapies and treatments being offered in Mexico, Europe, and Asia are the same methodologies currently under study in the U.S. The only problem is that in the U.S., clinical trials and resulting study of data by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) can take up to 10 years. Who has time to wait that long for possible stem cell treatments that can help improve vision, mobility or function?

Celine is one woman who needed help with kidney function. Her doctors had nothing for her. She traveled to ProgenCell in Baja California  for stem cell therapy and her renal flow has improved. Ana suffered from chronic back and hip pain and could hardly get around. Her doctors could do nothing more for her. She also traveled to ProgenCell for stem cell therapy injections. She is now able to engage in activities she thought were beyond her capabilities forever.

ProgenCell is just one of many quality and reputable stem cell treatment clinics around the world offering hope to those without any options. Stem cell treatments are capable of regenerating damaged tissues, whether those tissues are found in the eye or in the spine. Countries like Mexico, India and China are helping slow the progression of many neuromuscular conditions and restoring function following injury.

For more information about the best stem cell clinics abroad, stem cell treatment in Europe or stem cell treatments in Mexico, visit for quality, safe and effective treatment options in stem cell therapy.

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