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The most common and cheap hair loss treatment is non surgical – that is using creams and other lotions. However, there are also transplantation techniques which have been gaining in popularity.

Hair loss causes and treatment

Hair loss is natural, but baldness can occur when the hair loss and replacement process is altered. By 30, most men begin to go bald, and by the time they reach 60, about two-thirds are either going or already are bald. Doctors have concluded the reasons for hair loss and baldness in men are stress, genetics or illness.

cheap Treatment for Hair loss PlacidWay PlacidBlogThe most common disorder is genetic – Male pattern baldness. This affects over 95 percent of men. Also known as androgenetic alopecia, this hair loss disorder starts with the receding hairline. Men find their hair thinning around the crown, usually culminating in a bald spot. Telogen effluvium, Alopecia areata and Cicatricial alopecia are other hair loss causes.

Surgical solutions for hair loss in men

Hair implants treat permanent hair loss through grafting techniques.

Micro implants are among the most effective, safe and long-lasting treatment methods available today. At Perfection Clinic in Cancun, such treatment is available at affordable prices.
There are also some less invasive and easier treatments, which have been successful so far.

There are currently two drugs approved to treat hair loss in men – Rogaine (minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride). They have been available for years, but the secondary effects make many men turn away from these. Usually, hair loss treatment means transplant surgery for many.

Getting “hair plugs,”, as it is commonly known, the procedure involves taking hair from healthy donor sites elsewhere on the scalp and transplanting it to spots where there is no hair. The transplanted hair will take root in the new location and grow naturally.

Perfection Hair Transplant Center is among the best in Mexico, too, also offering Micro implants – an effective and long-lasting hair loss treatment.

Non surgical hair loss solutions

Mexico has been known to help a lot of people get their locks back. Giovanni Bojanini´s Dermatological Center in Cancun has been known for break-through treatments that are less invasive and has proven to be among the favorite centers worldwide for curing male and female baldness.

Whatever the choice, make sure you know your options.

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