Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms and Treatment

Just like diabetes and cancer – the two diseases of the 21st century – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is becoming a very important condition on the medical map, as it affects more and more people each year.

According to recent studies, an estimated less than 20% of those millions affected by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome know they have it, and so far, a final cure has not yet been discovered.

chronic fatigue syndrome treatment PlacidWay PlacidBlogThere is a set of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms that has been put together as guideline so far, but these vary in their type and severity, the main symptom is often persistent fatigue (hence the name – CFS), but also pain in the joints, trouble concentrating can occur.

That is why Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is also difficult to diagnose, as the diseases associated with the symptoms above are first ruled out.

How to treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

As there is no known cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, most health centers offer treatment for the symptoms. So far, Stem Cell Therapy has been very effective, because the relapsing of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms disappeared completely in some patients. Stem cells work like a GPS.

Taken from a specific organ in your own body, Stem Cells have an affinity to it and, when administered, they reprogram the targeted organ’s metabolic activity.

In the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patient, the immune organ cells are a priority like the intestinal track, an organ with a major role in the CFS origin, according to experts. Of course, one of the preconditions for successful grafting of stem cells is that the patient is in the best shape so when this is not possible, there is an alternative – Living Cells from a fetus of a donor animal.

Living Cell Therapy works in the same way and with great results.
These two therapies are usually effective for other conditions too, including fatigue treatment and rejuvenation.

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