Cancer Free by CyberKnife® Alternative Cancer Treatment

Due to an unfortunate chain of events, my father’s tea alternative Cancer treatment did not work and he absolutely refused surgery. Had I known then that there were more alternative Cancer treatment methods I would still have him beside me.

So cancer has been part of my life for a couple of years now and everything related seems to have an effect on me and on most people I know. My father being diagnosed with colon cancer and dying a half year later, made me aware of the importance of information and timing for all cancer patients and their families around the world.

CyberKnife® Alternative Cancer Treatment

Nowadays, most people know about the stem cell treatment and its effectiveness in preventing cancers, but I also came across an alternative non-invasive procedure that destroys tumors with minimum damage to surrounding tissue.

CyberKnife alternative cancer treatment PlacidWay PlacidBlogFor those in the know, it is the CyberKnife® technology, robotic surgery that targets lesions otherwise unreachable by commonly used radio surgery systems.

It is painless and blood-free treatment application, and faster than ever. Its treatment is much shorter than usual, by virtue of its increased dosage induction speed and technological advancement, which tracks moving tumors in real time.

CyberKnife® technology may avoid the need for invasive surgery and has become an interesting cancer treatment option.

This is exactly what Canadian Laurie Dunford thought, when choosing CyberKnife® treatment.

Treated by CyberKnife® – Testimonial

She had been suffering from cancer since 2001. Dunford was initially diagnosed with breast cancer but had managed to stop the progress of the illness with treatment.

Later, she developed blotching on her forehead, upon which doctors recommended a complicated surgery. She was hesitant about such a surgery and decided to surf the internet to see alternative cancer treatment methods. She came across , gathered substantial information and got in touch with Anadolu Medical Center. Very impressed with the Center’s hospitality right from the moment she was met at the airport, Dunford added:

“I was never left alone until my treatment was complete. I felt tranquility as I stepped foot inside the hospital building. They lost no time in starting on my treatment.”

I am hoping the information on CyberKnife® alternative cancer treatment will prove to be useful to all who have this kind of problems in their families.

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