The Growing Demand for Medical Tourism in Croatia

Croatia has become an extremely popular medical destination for treatments in antiaging, detox, age management, cosmetic plastic surgery, skin care and dentistry. However, it seems that more Italians are traveling to Croatia for treatment than any other group in Europe. While Croatia has begun to see a multitude of international travelers that benefit from high quality treatment in Croatia as well as recognition of highly renowned doctors in Croatia, affordable treatment in Croatia is especially attractive to Italians.

Facilities such as those found in Selce, Makarska, Zagreb and Rovinj are touted as the ultimate vacation spot for those living in middle Europe, and are growing increasingly attractive not only to those Italians, but Western Europeans as well. Croatian health spas offer the ultimate in spa treatments, skin care, and age management techniques that rely on stress relief, detoxification, and all around preventive care.

Facilities such as Terme Selce, which offers the best in physical therapy, and the services of highly trained cosmetic surgeon Dr. Branko Glusac and his cosmetic surgery clinic in Zagreb, which offers cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures, including endoscopic sinus surgery. The cost of treatment in Makarska offers medical travelers affordable surgery and care when compared to domestic costs.

Doctors in Rovinj and clinics in Croatia provide the best in aesthetic dentistry implantology as well as skin care treatments, executive health checks, and more. Visiting Croatia for medical needs is growing in appeal not only for Italians, but the other global travelers as well, especially for those looking for high quality, state-of-the-art technology, and affordable medical and healthcare needs.

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