Latinos Returning Home for Affordable Healthcare

Latinos from around the world, but most especially those found in the United States, are returning home to Latin America receive affordable healthcare in their native countries, as well as in countries throughout Mexico and South America. Joining thousands of native-born Americans, travelers from the United States as well as Canada, Europe and Asia are flocking to locations such as Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina for affordable, high-quality and effective healthcare.

Latinos, as well as others living in border states such as California, Arizona, Texas, the Gulf states and Florida are finding healthcare options in Mexico, Central and South America increasingly attractive as healthcare costs in the United States continue to rise. Latinos as well as native American citizens realize that Latin American countries offer some of the best cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures, weight loss programs, vision such as eye or LASIK care, dentistry and medical spa treatments that are accredited, certified, and more affordable than anything that can be found anywhere else.

Latinos are venturing to see CCPR, the Center of Plastic Surgery and Rehabilitation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, or seeking affordable cosmetic and plastic surgery at Makeover Travel in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Medical tourism in South America is booming, and the best doctors in South America are available for Latino and international travelers. Surgery costs in South America saves travelers between 30 and 75% over costs of the same procedures in America and Europe. Affordable treatment in Brazil, affordable obesity treatment in Argentina, and some of the best clinics in Bolivia are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Don’t miss out.

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