The Land Down Under Seeks the Far East for Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

The Land Down Under, more commonly known as Australia, has long been a destination as well as a jumping off point between the southern hemisphere and the Orient. People from Australia head north every year to visit exotic and forested destinations in the Far East, including Malaysia, Singapore, India, Thailand, and Hong Kong. However, more Australians than ever before have also been venturing to Thailand for affordable surgery abroad and expert surgical care in the fields of cosmetic and plastic surgery, cardiology, orthopedic care, infertility treatments, and more.


Thailand has become famous for its excellent and affordable medical facilities and healthcare for foreigners. One of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world, Thailand’s surgeons and health care facilities are known for superlative care in cosmetic/plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, cardiac care and valve replacement surgeries as well as for their weight loss and obesity programs, dental care and many others.


Locations such as the Bangkok Hospital and the Yanhee Hospital provides superlative services, state-of-the-art technology and equipment and compassionate, considerate care by physicians and hospital staff or a multitude of cosmetic surgeries and pocedures. Not only that, medical treatments in Thailand save money, whether traveling to Bangkok, Phuket, or Klongtan. Thailand offers a wealth of superlative medical destinations and facilities that offer accredited an experienced care in a multitude of health fields.


Medical travelers looking for any type of surgery abroad, and that goes for obesity or bariatric surgery, LASIK treatment abroad, heart care surgery and more may save between 50% and 75% on surgical procedures and other medical care found throughout Thailand over costs found in the U.S. This savings does not reflect the quality of care, however. Thailand physicians, surgeons and healthcare facility staff are held to rigorous standards of training and care and take pride in offering all medical travelers the best that experience and expertise may offer.



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