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Some spine injuries are caused by trauma, while others are caused by internally degenerative conditions that accompany age or some disease processes. They can include but are not limited to:


·         Spinal Stenosis

·         Herniated disks

·         Thinning or degenerative disks

·         Pinched nerves

·         Bone spurs

·         Sciatica

·         Spinal arthritis


Some of the most common spine care treatments for back conditions include:


Spinal Fusion – joins two vertebrae together, which helps to reduce or eliminate movement or motion between vertebrae


Lumbar Disc Replacement – replaces an injured or diseased disk in the lower back region


Cervical Disc Replacement – replaces an injured or diseased disk in the neck region


Laminaplasty – procedure that relieves compression of the spinal cord in the neck area of the spine


Laminectomy – involves removing of the lamina (top or roof of a vertebrae) from the spinal column to allow more room for the spinal cord and nerves


Laminotomy – involves trimming or removing some of the lamina from the spinal column


Spinal procedures are expensive. In the United States, a Laminectomy may cost up to $77,000, and spinal fusion may run about $115,000. However, medical travelers may save thousands of dollars on spine treatments and surgeries. In India for example, spinal fusion costs about $8,700 to $10,000 and a Laminectomy may cost around $4,500 to about $5,500.


The Wooridul Spine Hospital is one of the finest spine surgery centers in Seoul, South Korea offers the best spine surgery in Korea and the Jordan Hospital in Amman, Jordan are two world-class, accredited medical facilities for spine care, offering a variety of treatments and procedures for medical travelers.



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