Bariatric Surgeries and Options Abroad

Counseling, group support, and understanding of diet and nutrition as well as the importance of exercise is vital in any successful gastric bypass surgery for obesity, any type of laparoscopic band surgery, and for long-term sleeve gastrectomy recovery and other bariatric surgeries.  Whether you go in for a lap sleeve gastrectomy, laparoscopic band surgery, a gastroplasty procedure, a gastric bypass operation, or any other form of bariatric surgery procedure, the individual undergoing the procedure must also make certain changes in his or her lifestyle, diet, and habits.

Weight loss clinics such as Angels Abroad Bariatric Surgeries in Guatemala City, the Antiobesity Center in Cancun, Mexico or the CTG Healthcare Group in Izmir, Turkey or 365 mc’s Bariatric Surgery Center in Seoul, South Korea offer professional bariatric surgery clinics, experienced leadership, structured exercise, group or individual meetings, prepackaged meals with dietary supplements and weight loss therapies that take behavioral and therapy components into consideration, helping individuals achieve a safe and healthy weight, with the tools necessary for maintaining such weight loss in the future.

Many individuals who undergo bariatric surgery, gastric bypass surgery, banded gastroplasty or lap band surgery believe that all it takes is a relatively simple surgical procedure that reduces the size of the stomach in order to achieve drastic and long-term weight loss.  Bariatric surgery for obesity, gastric bariatric surgery and obesity surgery specialists are available around the world to help overweight or obese individuals seek long term health and wellness.


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