The New Face of Medical Care

What do you think would be your first thought if you were told you needed knee surgery, a hip replacement, or reconstructive plastic surgery as a result of a mastectomy?  You’re right, in most cases, the first question, spoken or not, is “How much is this going to cost?”

Unfortunately, large numbers of individuals in the United States don’t have  health insurance plans that help cover the costs of major surgeries. Finding options for cosmetic plastic surgery, cancer treatment, skin treatments, and orthopedic surgery may lead consumers to foreign medical destinations that provide excellent though more affordable medical care and procedures.

Increasing numbers of individuals around the world are traveling to foreign destinations for affordable healthcare. Health and wellness tourism has taken hold in the 21st century as a viable, effective, and affordable option for medical care in a variety of fields, from obesity and weight loss treatments to stem cell treatments and technologies.

Gone are the days when medical travelers scoffed at cheaper surgical procedures found only in third world countries. Today, world-class, state-of-the-art and high-tech facilities, surgeons and physicians are found throughout the world, in Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and South Africa, the Middle East, and Central Europe.

The future of health and wellness technologies is indeed borderless, and offers citizens from countries throughout the globe access to the best, the most experienced, and innovative technological treatments, procedures and surgeries.

PlacidWay is a major medical provider for such services, providing consumer information and resources and access to the best for your care.

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