Stem Cell Therapy: Leading the Future in Medical Care

Anyone diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, wounds, gangrene, multiple forms of anemia, and autoimmune diseases and disorders are looking for researchers to find effective and viable treatments through research of adult stem cell, embryonic, umbilical and placental stem cells.

Excellent facilities for stem cell treatments, research and therapy may be found around the world. Stem cell treatment clinical trials are still underway in the U.S., but in other countries around the world, dozens of stem cell therapies and procedures have been approved, and many show impressive results.

Some of the most well known stem cell treatments are coming out of countries you wouldn’t think of- such as American Stem Cell and Anti Aging Center in Ecuador and the Beike Biotech facility in Shenzhen province, China. From embryonic stem cell therapy to stem cell therapies aimed at treating spinal cord injury, help is out there. Stem cell therapy for autism is underway in China, while stem cell research facilities around the globe are studying the effects of stem cell treatments for multiple sclerosis, diabetes, vision problems and Parkinson’s.

BioCare Hospital and EmCell are just two well-known destinations where international travelers seeking stem cell treatments may go for treatment for chronic illnesses and treatments in cardiovascular, immunodeficiency, cancer and neuromuscular diseases and disorders.

Stem cell treatments are underway to treat autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s disease and myasthenia gravis have helped patients lead more normal and high-quality lifestyles. For more information about stem cell treatment facilities around the world, visit, a leader in transparent and reliable information on medical treatments, procedures and facilities for medical tourists.

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