Finding New Hope for Treatment with Stem Cell Technology

Genetic conditions, cancers, blood diseases and conditions such as diabetes mellitus are among the many conditions where stem cell research and development shows positive and effective gains.

Select the best stem cell surgeons or the best stem cell treatment abroad by selecting physicians who specialize in stem cell research and technologies and treatments. From treatment of degenerative diseases like diabetes to growing new bones for the spine, stem cell research and stem cell technologies are the future in medical care.

Stem cell therapies and facilities around the world, such as Dr. Omar Gonzalez of Integra Medical Center, and ProgenCell offer some of the best stem cell clinics in Mexico. Stem cell implants and stem cell treatments for those diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes have shown positive results, including lowered blood sugar levels, and in some cases, complete reversal of the diabetic process.

The Institute of Cell Therapy in Kiev, Ukraine, has developed and implemented achievements in cellular therapy for chronic disease care as well as fields of neurology and metabolic studies. From Stem Cell MD in Mission Viejo and Tijuana to ProgenCell Stem Cell Therapies, both located in Tijuana, you have options for stem cell treatments and therapies. It may be a decade or more before stem cell clinical trials just under way in the U.S. are ready for marketing, and at outrageous anticipated costs. Seek treatment now, in a number of stem cell treatment facilities abroad.

Log onto for in-depth information and resources regarding different types of stem cell research and therapy abroad offered for dozens of medical conditions and for the treatment of many different types of traumatic injury, including spinal cord damage.

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