Hurt Your Back? Visit South Korea

Have you wrenched your back or torn your knee ligaments to the point you can’t walk without pain or a limp? Is your back so sore every day you can’t bend down to pick up your child, the laundry or a bag of groceries? You don’t have to live in pain because of high medical care costs in the U.S., or the bank-breaking costs of orthopedic surgery. If you’re been putting off orthopedic joint or bone surgery because of the costs, why not look beyond your borders for excellent, experienced and affordable orthopedic care. Take care of your back pain, your torn ACL ligament and your rotator cuff.

Did you know that South Korea is also a leader in spine care and treatment for spinal injuries? The Wooridul International Patients Center (WIPC) is world-renowned for their neuro- and musculoskeletal surgeries, treatment, disease and injury technologies. Wooridul offers spine cord function tests and myelogram MR tests to ensure accurate diagnose and treatment with state-of-the-art technology.

Look into orthopedic surgery abroad for bone and joint care in arthroscopic shoulder surgery to partial or full hip or knee joint
replacement procedures. Facilities like Wooridul and the Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine, both located in Seoul, offer traditional or complementary treatment programs for bone and joint health. Wooridul is JCI accredited and considered a world leader in sports medicine, spine and minimally invasive treatments designed to get you back in shape so you enjoy improved mobility and quality of life.

For more information about Wooridul, orthopedic treatments or surgical procedures in South Korea, or anywhere in the world, visit – a leading medical provider and resource for medical treatment abroad.


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