Stem Cell Research Abroad: Searching For Cures

Recently, stem cell researchers in the United States discovered a compound they can eradicate breast cancer stem cells. Doctors and researchers have long believed the cancer stem cells are nearly indestructible, and many don’t react to chemo or radiation treatments.  A recent publication in Cell, has announced the researchers have discovered a compound that will target specific cancer stem cells, leading to hold that these master cancer cells can be eradicated in individuals suffering from multiple forms of cancer.

Doctors and researchers from around the world have long studied the potential treatments and cures that may be derived from embryonic stem cell research, umbilical cord stem cell research, placenta stem cell therapies and the many uses of various forms of stem cells to treat diseases and illnesses of the human body. The hope for cures for breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and pancreatic, liver and stomach cancer compels researchers in stem cell research facilities around the globe to continually strive to understand the basics of stem cell growth and development.

Research facilities in the United States, as well as those such as Integra and Progencell in Mexico, and EmCell in Ukraine as well as top-notch and state of the art facilities located throughout Europe, South America, Asia and the United States  continue to search for treatments, drugs and procedures that will specifically target and kill cancer stem cells.

Adult embryonic stem cell therapy, as well as adult stem cell therapy protocols are being developed around the world and will continue to offer hope to millions of cancer patients for the ultimate treatment and cure.

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