Obesity Treatment In Mexico: Enhance Your Quality of Life

The Antiobesity Center, located in Cancun, Mexico is a state-of-the-art clinic treating obesity through weight loss therapies, weight management techniques weight loss surgical procedures. Taking a multidimensional approach to treatment of obesity, staff at the Antiobesity Center consider cultural, social, metabolic, and physiological aspects that lead to weight gain and obesity.


Obesity is caused by a multitude of factors, including individual rate of metabolism, psychology (comfort-food heating, stress), genetics, sedentary lifestyles, and some medications. Utilizing all aspects of the potential causes and reasons for an individual’s weight gain or obesity before initiating treatment is a key factor in long-term success. 



Treatments offered at the Antiobesity Center include:


  • Restrictive and malabsorption of bariatric obesity surgery procedures, defined as

            * Intragastric balloon (BIB® system)

            * Gastric sleeve (such as vertical sleeve gastrectomy)

            * Adjustable gastric band (banded gastroplasty)

            * Mini bypass (may include laparoscopic obesity surgery)

            * Gastric bypass (obesity gastric bypass surgery)

            * Lapband system® (lap banding)

            * Fullsense Bariatric Device®


  • Dietary and nutrition education
  • Exercise training
  • Lifestyle changes

The Antiobesity Center is located in Cancun, the ultimate tourist destination for many Americans seeking obesity and weight loss treatments and procedures south of the border. Nestled against the Caribbean, Cancun provides modern and state of the art weight loss and obesity surgery center and surgical facilities that may be accessed via national and International airlines.


So enjoy a bit of the sun and sand while taking care of your health. You can’t find a better and more relaxing destination than Cancun. Easy travel arrangements, affordable bariatric surgery, and the expertise of weight loss physicians and bariatric surgeons will better your quality of life.

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