Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Abroad

Love playing sports but don’t love what it’s done to your body? Do you need surgery, rehab therapy or some help repairing and re-training those torn rotator cuffs, blown knees or aching hips?


Physical therapy and rehabilitation involves the regaining of strength and mobility in an injured body area or part following a sports or recreational injury. Physical therapy is designed to help individuals regain strength without furthering injury using a variety of methods. The goals and type of treatment any individual might undergo is determined by the type and seriousness of the injury.


Kinesiology is the study of human movement in relation to how the body functions. It can be applied in several different ways, including biomechanics, physiotherapy, and exercise physiology as well as psychomotor behavior and training. A trained kinesiologist may be involved or specialize in:


·         Rehabilitation

·         Function and performance

·         Recreation and exercise

·         Enhanced movement and function


The plan of action is to encourage individuals to regain optimal function and mobility. Medical travelers venturing to locations in Mexico such as Ageless Wonders Panama or Artemis Health Institute in India or locations like Terme Selce     in Croatia, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland in Europe may save thousands of dollars on the cost of physical therapy, rehabilitation, sports massage and additional treatments in the field as per recommendations by a physician.


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