Seeking Beauty In Panama

Tired of looking in the mirror every morning and seeing those wrinkles that seem to grow longer and deeper? Wishing you could do something about those drooping eyelids or those sagging jowls? Millions of women today take advantage of cosmetic procedures, which include cosmetic eyelid surgery, lower facelift, full lift facial and cosmetic surgery face lift procedures. Some are minor and can be done on an outpatient basis, while others are more involved in detail.  Regardless, you can achieve an instant face lift appearance and facelift without surgery that lays you up for weeks, bruised and in pain.


Facilities such as Ageless Wonders Panama, located in Panama offer the ultimate in medical travel destinations and provide a multitude of cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures that range from minimally invasive to procedures to full facelift surgery. As a face lift alternative, a thread facelift, face lifting, lower eyelid surgery as well as double eyelid surgery procedures offer a younger, more youthful appearance using high-tech and state of the art equipment and technology that enables patients to resume their lives in a minimum of recuperation time.


In the United States, most elective procedures and surgeries are not covered by medical insurance plans. The cost of skin care treatments varies widely between procedures. For example, micro-dermabrasion, which is commonly used to help eradicate the signs of crow’s feet, lines, and age spots, costs around $200 per treatment. Laser resurfacing treatments may cost between $2,000 and $4,000 per treatment. Botox injections cost around $450 for each vial of Botox, but surgeons will charge between $200 and $300 for each area that is injected with the Botox solution.


Cosmetic facial surgeries performed at facilities like Ageless Wonders Panama save travelers thousands of dollars in medical care costs. Quality, effective, and expertly trained medical staff provide the same surgeries and techniques as performed in the U.S. for a fraction of the cost.

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