Medical Tourism Helps Battle The Bulge

Many of us are perfectly aware, when we wake up every morning and look in the mirror, that we may not quite appear the way we perceive ourselves. Many of us are battling the bulge, whether we’re teenagers, twenty-somethings, or pushing middle age or older.  As we age, our metabolism changes and we naturally tend to gain weight. Many of us don’t like to diet, and some of us don’t like to exercise. Unfortunately, when left to our own devices and our poor high calorie, high fat and high sugar food diets and habits, many of us inevitably deal with more than a bulge and may be considered overweight or even obese.

Morbid obesity causes a multitude of health issues, including diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease and generally places more stress on various organs within our body than most people realize. Many of us succeed in losing weight through exercise, nutrition and diet, while others need a little extra help. Unfortunately, the cost of bariatric or obesity surgeries in the United States is very expensive. Low-cost bariatric surgery, gastric bypass centers, gastroplasty procedure, laparoscopic band surgery and sleeve gastrectomy procedures found in other countries offer superior results utilizing state of the art and high-tech equipment from Mexico to the tip of South America to South Korea and India.

International medical travelers find cost savings of between 30 and 70% when seeking bariatric surgery or gastroplasty surgical procedures in foreign destinations. Gastroplasty costs in India saves thousands of dollars while offering travelers the benefit of an exotic vacation. Facilities such as 365mc’s Obesity Clinic in Seoul, South Korea, Ageless Wonders Panama, Mexicali Obesity Solutions in Mexico, or Artemis Health Institute in India offer individuals the best in weight loss and obesity procedures, techniques and treatments as those found in the United States, at big savings.

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