Obesity Surgery Abroad: Asian Destinations

Millions of Japanese, Korean and Chinese expatriates are flocking back to their native country, most specifically South Korea in order to enjoy the benefits of affordable obesity surgery.  PlacidWay, and medical tourism portal based in Colorado, has been watching a growing trend in Asian Americans opting for healthcare in Asia, taking advantage of lower costs, state of the art and high-tech equipment, facilities and training without the long waits and astronomical cost of the same surgeries and procedures as found in the United States.

One such facility, South Korea’s 365mc’s Obesity Clinic offers a wealth of weight loss programs and procedures and is considered the best obesity clinic in Korea.  From body shaping to liposuction to dietetic therapy, aesthetic surgeries and body contouring, 365mc’s Obesity Clinic was the first to offer treatments, education and procedures for a multitude of weight loss and obesity surgical needs.

South Korea’s 365mc’s Obesity Clinic also offers a Bariatric Surgery Center, offering gastric sleeve procedures, gastric bypass, morbid obesity operations, adjustable gastric band, Roux-en-Y, and weight loss surgical procedures that cater to the needs of individual clients.

International patients seeking a lower gastroplasty cost, gastroplasty procedure or gastroplasty reversal come to South Korea’s 365 mc’s Bariatric Surgery Center, which offers the best in bariatric surgery financing, lower bariatric surgery risks, and a multitude of choices when it comes to weight loss and obesity surgical procedures.

Where the you need a sleeve gastrectomy procedure, laparoscopic band surgery, endoscopic gastroplasty, or gastric bypass to support, South Korea’s 365 mc’s Obesity Clinic and Bariatric Surgery Center cater to individualized needs with up to date surgical procedures designed for efficiency and effectiveness.

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