Seek Warmer Climes for Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Now that the weather’s changing in the northern hemisphere, the thought of warmer climes is appealing. If you’ve been saving up for cosmetic or plastic surgery (it costs an arm and a leg in the U.S. and no elective procedures are covered by medical insurance), why not consider traveling to a warm location to have your surgery done?

Have you thought about cosmetic surgery in South Africa, or Latin America? You should. You’ll save between 30% and 75% on costs traditionally charged in the U.S. South African surgeons are trained and experienced to meet your plastic surgery or aesthetic surgery needs in non-invasive as well as full facelift techniques. In South Africa, surgeons and facilities are registered and accredited by the South African Medical Council. Affordable surgery in South Africa draws thousands of medical travelers every year to such places as Surgical Bliss also in Cape Town, South Africa, which specializes in cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Individuals seeking affordable cosmetic surgical or non-surgical procedures to defy wrinkles and age flock to international destinations such as Latin America to obtain the best in skin care and age defying treatments and procedures. Locations such as Makeover Travel in Santa Cruz, Bolivia or CCPR, the Center of Plastic Surgery and Rehabilitation in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, combine the best in vacation travel with the best in medical tourism.

Access the best in affordable, quality cosmetic surgery in Latin America. For the best cosmetic surgery clinics in Latin America or the best plastic surgeons in South America, visit for up-to-date resources and information on everything from rhinoplasty to facial reconstruction.

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