Safe – and Legal – Organ Transplants in Turkey

Unfortunately, many citizens of the Balkans and former Soviet Union countries have poor access to top-of-the-line medical care and services. This is especially true for patients diagnosed with organ damage and their only hope for improved quality of life and longevity is an organ transplant.

The black market is still a problem when it comes to organ procurement, but one place in Central Europe, where patients can go and know everything is legal and above-board when it comes to organ transplants is Turkey. One quality facility is the state-of-the-art, Memorial Hospital Organ Transplantation Unit. The facility is among the first private healthcare institutions approved and licensed by the Health Department in the entire region. Here, patients can expect safe kidney transplantation procedures. Memorial Hizmet provides access and affordability to Balkan residents seeking the best in organ donor programs and post-surgical care in Turkey.

A kidney transplant in the U.S. costs approximately $246,000 (for one kidney). In Turkey, the cost for a live donor kidney transplant with two days of ICU and eight days of inpatient care, surgery, nursing services and all other surgery costs is tens of thousands of dollars cheaper that U.S. costs – between 40% and 90% cheaper.

For more information about Memorial Hizmet Hospital, Kent Hospital or the Florence Nightingale Hospital in regard to kidney transplant consultations, surgeries or approaches to surgery with Turkish organ transplantation specialists, contact


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