Access Cheap Though Quality Care in Latin America

Medical travelers from not only the U.S. but around the globe are traveling to Latin America for affordable medications, prescriptions, and treatments not available in the United States, including stem cell therapies and many alternative treatments accepted and practiced around the world. Ever-increasing healthcare and medical insurance costs is promoting a burst of medical tourism and medical travelers, including ever-growing numbers of Americans, to venture elsewhere for quality and experienced healthcare.

Excellent and accredited facilities in Latin America offers treatment in a variety of fields including obesity, plastic and cosmetic surgery, stem cell research and development, dentistry, vision, an orthopedic care, among others.  Medical tourists traveling to Latin America can benefit from some of the best doctors, surgeons and facilities in the world.

Dr. Omar Gonzalez of Integra Medical Center in Mexico is just one of them. Dr. Gonzalez offers cutting edge stem cell research and therapies. Ageless Wonders Panama, located in Panama City, Panama offers high tech cosmetic surgery, anti-aging and age management treatments, and Makeover Travel, located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia offers one of the most respected and famous medical tourism companies in the world.

Check out the Family Hospital in Mexicali or the Argentina Obesity Center for your needs. When it comes to dental care, Alfadent in Cancun is one of the best, as is Costa Rica Dental Health and Chaves Dental Care, both located in beautiful Costa Rica.

You DO have options for your medical and dental care. Find out more about such care, pricing, qualifications and facilities in Latin America by visiting, an international medical and dental resource for those seeking affordable and quality options for care.

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