Thanks to Adiva, she Conceived

Jessica wanted a baby so badly that her life began to feel empty and meaningless without one. The problem was, Jessica was having trouble conceiving. She’d tried all the folk remedies, visited her OB/GYN in her homeland and kept on hoping, without success.

Then, a friend told her about Adiva, a fertility center located in New Delhi, India. She and her husband decided to give them a try. They were out of options at home. She did sit down and research the facility and their credentials through PlacidWay. She read the profile about Dr. Rita Bakshi, a reproductive specialist. She read about their success with IVF or in vitro fertilization techniques.

Long story short, Jessica underwent nine unsuccessful attempts at IVF and had just about resolved herself to the fact that she was barren. However, Dr. Bakshi convinced her to try one more time. The tenth attempt was the charm. Today, Jessica is the proud Momma of an active little boy. Adiva and the staff of caring and compassionate doctors and nursing staff at Adiva gave her hope and helped her dreams come true.

In vitro fertilization is still one of the most common methods of conception for women who have difficulty conceiving. During the IVF process, women are injected with hormones that increase the body’s supply of viable eggs.

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