Alternative Cancer Care at BioCare Hospital and Health Center

Many people diagnosed with a form of cancer don’t want to attempt traditionally last-ditch efforts such as intense radiation and chemotherapy treatments because they’re afraid of the side effects such as vomiting, hair loss, extreme weakness and fatigue. However, today’s radiation and chemotherapy drugs and treatments are not nearly as harsh as they used to be. Doctors now have medications they can offer to their patients to reduce such symptoms.

However, many cancer patients today also want to try other, alternative methods to treat their cancer, sometimes in conjunction with traditional forms of treatment and drugs, some not.  One of the most common reasons for this is the astronomical cost of many cancer drugs on the market today, many averaging $5,000 a month.

Alternative cancer therapy and treatments often include stem cell research, chelation, and ozone therapy. Such treatments are found around the world, but for Americans, locations south of the border offer convenience and potential benefits.

The BioCare Hospital and Health Center in Tijuana, Mexico seeks advances combining alternative therapies and conventional medicine to provide clinically effective treatments for cancer patients. Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez utilizes multi-dimensional cancer care and cancer therapies that take a whole body approach to care.

The BioCare Hosptial and Health Center is located in Tijuana, just steps from San Diego, California,  is a leader in the treatment of degenerative disease processes, living cell therapies and surgical procedures. They also tackle preventative medicine to help reduce risk of acquiring diseases like cancer.

For a combined medical approach to cancer treatment, explore your options south of the border. For more information about alternative cancer therapies and treatments south of the border, visit


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