Patient Thrilled with Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery in India

Another patient has left the Madras Joint Replacement Center in Chennai, India a happy customer. With the skills of Dr. A.K. Venkatachalam, it’s not difficult to see why. Stephen R., a 52-year-old British citizen living in Uganda, ventured to India for hip surgery called a Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure. Recently diagnosed with arthritis of the hip, Stephen was finding it difficult to get around, and then pain he experienced was severely limiting his formerly active lifestyle and quality of life.

His doctor informed him that the only cure was a hip replacement. Stephen was not happy about that, and sent his medical information off to several doctors in the U.K. for a second opinion.  His diagnosis was confirmed and he was given several quotes regarding cost of hip replacement surgery. Friends told him to
consider traveling to India, where surgery was much cheaper.

Stephen contacted Dr. Venkatachalam of the Madras Joint Replacement Center by email. He received a prompt reply. Not wanting to take much time away from his business, Stephen scheduled an appointment with Dr.  Venkatachalam within two weeks (nearly unheard of back home) and then agreed to a Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure, which he underwent several days later.

Stephen was given excellent care, 24-hour nurses following the surgical procedure. Only eight days post-surgery, Stephen is walking well with one crutch and he feels improvement every day. He’s happy to share his story and his recommendation for others to travel to India for orthopedic procedures from excellent and highly trained orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Venkatachalam. Stephen is exercising his right hip with physical therapy every day. A physiotherapist visits him in his hotel room every night.

For more information regarding Dr. Venkatachalam and the Madras Joint Replacement Center  visit, an international medical provider and resource, or Dr. Venkatachalam.


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