Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: Women on top!

This plastic and reconstructive surgery post is a March 8 special

Women have been trying to survive in world mainly dominated by man, and the struggle is not yet over. Recently, as women have been succeeding as corporate executives and entering bit-by-bit in the “man’s world”, men have been struggling to get some of the advantages in the women’s world, such as plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery still is women’s favorite

plastic and reconstructive surgery Placi Blog PlacidWay90 percent of them go to a plastic surgeon to make them look better. Men are also making progress in cosmetic surgery, yet they do look stranger when they have it done, don’t they? The negative effects of cosmetic surgery were obvious in Michael Douglas’s celebrity plastic surgery (No make-up or long hair to hide the cosmetic surgery scars turned out quite badly for him).  So women have it a lot easier in this! However, women had also faced bad cosmetic surgery, too (ex. Cher cosmetic surgery).

So whatever makes you happy when it comes to plastic and reconstructive surgery, please take a sincere advice: “research everything” and “Less is more”.

I still have one more remark in this area, so please bare with me. The best plastic surgeons are …(you guessed it) MEN! They all stride to make women look more ravishing, whether it’s just a nose job or a mommy makeover. So, today, as it’s the international women’s day, I’d like to say a sincere “thank you” to all the great men out there who love making women more beautiful.

To end with a cheerful thought for all the women out there who have already started to receive flowers chocolates and jewelry (maybe even plastic and reconstructive surgery presents) consider this:

Although women have been oppressed for thousands of years, we prevail – Women outlive men by 5 to 10 years – so I guess it’s quite obvious that we mostly “get the last laugh!”.

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Alexandra Brad

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