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When I saw that walking to lose weight actually has benefits, I thought many have “been there, done that”, yet, however ambitious we are when it comes to actually losing weight this may still prove to be the best way, regardless of the minimal effort it takes.

Women with extra pounds cannot practice just any kind of sports to lose weight, because of the limitations when it comes to certain exercise methods to lose extra pounds, not to mention the pressure on the joints. However, to burn the extra pounds and preserve your health, there is no other way but daily exercise so here are some painless exercises to lose weight.

Recommended weight loss exercises

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Walking to lose weight

No, I am not talking about straining your body at the gym to master some complicated device. The weight loss exercise is rather simple but effective. And anyone can do it, regardless of their weight. Literally, all it takes is just “a walk in the park”.

Walking to lose weight on the treadmill

These go extremely well for overweight and even obese individuals.  Static bicycles and devices that mimic climbing stairs, walking to lose weight or even running are great because they do not have an impact on the joints but still give results.

Aqua Gym

Why water gymnastics? Because, when submerged, body weight “disappears” and also because there is no joint pain in the process. Furthermore, because water usually makes you put some effort to actually move, the muscles are more active than “on dry land”.

For those in need of more serious weight loss, opt for the gastric lap band, it is less invasive than other methods and it’s reversible! In Mexicali the procedure is lower than $7000 and  not just there, throughout Latin America Europe and Asia you can get an affordable weight loss vacation.

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