Duodenal Switch Weight Loss Surgery – The Facts

The duodenal switch weight loss is a risky surgery, no doubt about it, yet for the few morbidly obese individuals who have reached a critical weight it may very well be the only solution. Obesity surgeons and other professionals have been debating the benefits of duodenal switch compared to the classic gastric bypass. To shed some light in this area, about who can or cannot benefit from this type of obesity surgery, here are some established facts.

In terms of “long term benefits” for obese patients, duodenal switch weight loss surgery resembles gastric by-pass. Both weight loss surgeries are irreversible.

However, duodenal switch weight loss surgery is less popular because it is performed on morbidly obese patients, with 50 BMI or more, who have no other solution. The benefits are in lower BMI and cholesterol levels. Some patients who performed this surgery have lost some 100 to 150 pounds in two years or less, but not without sacrifices, because the diet must be carefully organized so that the body still receives all the important nutrients.

Duodenal Switch Weight Loss Success Linked to Discipline

duodenal switch weight loss procedure Placid WayAll the researchers agreed that everything starts with the eligibility – a doctor will select his patient for duodenal switch procedure taking into account several factors to improve the chances of excellent outcomes.

A recent study revealed that over the long run, one in 24 duodenal switch patients developed major nutritional deficiency, compared to one in 48 people who’d had a gastric bypass.

The same study showed that the duodenal switch helped more obese individuals lose more of their extra body weight and had better control of diabetes and high blood pressure, as opposed to those who had a more traditional gastric bypass.

The focus is on the patient who chooses duodenal switch weight loss surgery

Doctors stress on the discipline needed from the patient’s side to get all the benefits from the duodenal switch surgery procedure. The diet, the medication and all the check-ups and follow-ups must be followed on a strict schedule to provide the best results and avoid any complications.

This is, in short the data so far. To find out more about the duodenal switch weight loss procedure, prices and specialists worldwide be sure to access for complete and accurate information on any type of obesity surgery.

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