Making Decisions About Global Medical Travel

Times are tough, and they’re not going to get better any time soon. Unfortunately, many individuals, and most especially senior citizens, are neglecting their health because of cost considerations. Individuals who were hoping to have surgery such as cosmetic dentistry crown implants, dental implants, teeth whitening, gastric or bariatric surgery, reconstructive breast surgery, liposuction, hair restoration, breast lift or breast augmentation, facelifts, and other procedures that are considered elective, have put their wishes and desires on the back burner.

Individuals hoping to improve self-esteem or appearance through body lift cosmetic surgery, chemical peels, chin implants, or even those wishing to take advantage of stem cell research and treatments have been forced to put their dreams on hold.

Medical costs in the United States, Canada and Britain are rising, and Americans are waiting with bated breath to see what happens with Health Care Reform plans underway. Rising prescription medication costs, longer wait times and a reduction of treatments and procedures offered by American physicians and facilities have left many discouraged, disappointed, and suffering.

PlacidWay, a US-based medical tourism portal, addresses those concerns by offering certified, accredited, and well researched medical facilities, physicians and surgeons in other countries.  Some are as close as Mexico, while others are located in Central Europe, Russia, South Korea, South Africa, and South America. Whether an individual needs cosmetic dentistry or cosmetic surgery, bariatric or gastric bypass, lap band surgery, rhinoplasty or even cardiac procedures such as heart transplantation, heart valve replacement surgery or coronary artery bypass surgery, they can find world-class and state of the art facilities for these procedures at savings of tens of thousands of dollars over the same procedures offered in the United States.

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