Stem Cell Therapies for Health

Undergoing stem cell therapy is ideal for anyone who suffers from numerous medical issues or ailments and has not seen results in other methodology treatment plans. Painless and effective, placenta stem cell therapy has been shown to drastically improve many medical conditions. For those who might find the use of stem cells to be a debatable issue, many ethicists and physicians agree that placental stem cells are ethical since the newborn baby no longer needs it, and it is traditionally discarded after birth.

Unfortunately, stem cell therapy treatments are not yet approved in the United States, although some clinical trials are currently underway. So, individuals wishing to enjoy the benefits of treatment of any type of stem cell technology must venture outside American borders. However, such treatments in the U.S. in the future are projected to be  $25,000-$30,000 depending on the number of implants, while in China prices are generally about $40,000 and placenta stem cell treatments in India are approximately $25,000. Costs in Mexico are competitive. For those who wish to undergo stem cell therapy through medical tourism, costs usually include travel expenses and any additional medical attention needed.

Dr. Omar Gonzalez is a highly trained and experienced physician in the field of placental stem cell therapies in the treatment of kidney insufficiencies, cerebral palsy, spinal injuries, autoimmune conditions and more. Therapies and treatments offered by Dr. Gonzalez of the Integra Medical Center in Mexico undergoing validation in third-party clinical trials.

Stem cell therapy, which includes not only placenta stem cell therapy but also umbilical cord stem cell treatments, adult stem cell therapies, but a multitude of effective and beneficial treatments devised by stem cell research and technology experts around the globe.

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