Back to Basics: Medical Spa Tourism

Wanna get away? Really get away? How about not only getting away, but relaxing and enjoying the benefits of a professional medical spa?

Most individuals who have never been to a medical sap think spa professionals only offer body massage, but the truth is, a medical spa offers to much more. Some of the most common offerings at medical spas include:

·         Acupuncture

·         Biofeedback

·         Homeopathy

·         Cosmetic Treatments

* Botox injections

* Hair removal     

* Chemical peels

* Laser skin treatments

* Dermabrasion

* Dermal fillers

* Anti aging and skin rejuvenation treatments

·         Wellness Treatments

* Executive Health Screening

·         Cosmetic Dental Services

* Teeth Whitening


Anyone suffering from a medical condition such as arthritis, fracture, sports injuries can benefit from medical spa treatments, as can individuals seeking alternative therapies such as biofeedback and acupuncture. Medical massage relieves tight, sore muscles and enhances blood flow,  relieves and reduces pinched nerves and enhances nerve impulses to extremities. Facilities such as Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland and AgelessWonders Panama are just one fine example of the best in medical spas south of the border. Medical massage also improves digestion, calms the nervous system, decreases pain and increases mobility, among other benefits.

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