Is Medical Tourism Really Safe?

These days, with the increasingly rising costs of healthcare, more medical patients are seeking more control over their health care and options by traveling abroad for dental care treatment, stem cell therapy, natural fertility treatment, Lasik laser eye surgery and other procedures such as heart valve replacement surgery, hip replacement and other orthopedics physical therapy.

Affordable medical care isn’t the only benefit drawing individuals from one country to another, but the best surgeons abroad in the world performing these procedures, such as laparoscopic gastric banding, cardiovascular surgery, and arthroscopic knee surgery, and yes, cardiac bypass surgery procedures.

Growing numbers of hospitals around the world are accredited and certified by international standard and quality associations and organizations such as the JCI (Joints Commission International) the ISQua (International Society for Quality in Health Care, in addition to crediting agencies in native countries.

Facilities such as the Jordan Hospital offers one of the best hospitals in the region in the treatment of fertility, plastic and cosmetic plastic surgery, cancer care, cardiac surgery, organ transplants and many others. State of the art facilities and technology have offered Jordan Hospital with the best in cancer treatments, heart health, and laparoscopic surgical procedures, such as those offered by Dr. Osama Badran, MD, FACOG.

PlacidWay, an international medical provider for patients around the globe, offers in-depth profiles of the world’s finest doctors, surgeons, and medical care facilities for those wishing affordable yet excellent and experienced care in a large variety of medical and dental fields. Research options by studying facilities, treatments and qualifications for medical care abroad. Medical tourism is safe, effective and affordable, but do your homework to find the best.

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