Having Trouble with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Grocery clerks, those who spend a great deal of time on the computer, and others involved in jobs that require repetitive finger and wrist movement often develop a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful and debilitating condition that affects the use of the hand. Tingling, numbness and throbbing pain in the affected joint and even the entire arm are just a few of the more common symptoms of carpal tunnel.

Orthopedic carpal tunnel surgery offers relief. Carpal tunnel release surgery, also called open release surgery, involves severing the transverse carpal tunnel ligament to help reduce or relieve pressure on the nerve that extends from the palm of the hand down through the wrist. Endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery creates less tissue damage, faster healing and reduced scarring.

In the United States, carpal tunnel surgery may cost between $4,000 and $10,000, including cost of the surgical suite, doctors’ fees, anesthesia, labs, x-rays and the type of procedure performed.  Carpal tunnel surgery may cost about $2,000 in India or roughly $3,000 in Panama, including accommodations and physicians fees.

Facilities such as MedTravel Ecuador, located in Quinto, Ecuador, offer patients a large number of options in carpal tunnel surgery, as does Solis Health and Wellness, located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Orthopedic surgery abroad gives people a choice, from orthopedic surgery in Mexico to the best sports injuries programs in Croatia, including rehabilitation therapies at world-renowned Terme Selce. Find relief. Find the best. No matter where you are or where you’re going, PlacidWay offers international medical travelers the best in affordable, effective and experienced options when it comes to choosing orthopedic surgeons, treatments and procedures for carpal tunnel syndrome.


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